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All Activities Rules:

1. Date: June 11th-July 15th, 2018

2. The prizes will be delivered within 10 working days from the days of the announcement.

3. To increase your chances of winning, you could share the activity link on Facebook, VK, and Twitter.

4. The prizes will be shipped free of charge to the winners, but the winners should take care of all other expenses like tariff that might be incurred.

Rules for "Select Your Favorite Team, Win Power 5"

1. Closing Time: June.14 2018

2. Everyone is allowed to vote one favourite team, and will be canceled the vote if submitted repeatly.

3. Announcement Time: July.16 2018

Rules for Pre-ordering New Product

1. Time: June.11 2018 to June.20 2018

2. Number of Prize: 3000 coupons for pre-book the new product, 5 wireless charger.

3. Announcement Time: June.21 2018

4. Announcement Page: Official Facebook Page

Rules for "Post the Ticket, Win the Cash"

1. Will draw each winner in June.30 and July.15

2. Rules for Posting: Instagram Link