All Screen
MT6763 CPU
Dual Camera
Qi Wireless
Android 8.1
Dual 4G LTE

Super All Screen

Open up Your View

This phone utilizes the advanced all screen 3.0 needed for display and other necessary sensors, and the super all screen display manages to maximize your vision while fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. With nearly zero visual distractions, nothing can draw your eyes away when you wake the screen.
Screen-to-body Ratio
All Screen 3.0
Aspect Ratio

Unlimited Screen, Unlimited Possible

No matter playing games or watching video, all screen display will bring you a visual feast. The new viewing experience has generated plenty of excitement and shocking in the technology.

Powerful MT6763 Processor

Unleash the True Potential

The processor is essentially the brain of the smartphone. In perfect combination with 4GB of RAM and newest Android 8.1 OreoTM, the potential of the new powerful MT6763 is completely released, resulting in seamlessly-smooth multitasking, lightning-fast performance while consuming 25% less energy. Without lag or stutter, enjoy new mobile experience!
TF Extend

Long-lasting 3300mAh Battery

Get You Through the Day

The last thing you want for your phone is to run out of juice when you need it most. With the Ulefone X, it’s the least you should worry about. Fueled by a huge 3300mAh battery along with optimized energy saving management, it guarantees you a full day even under heavy use without having to charge, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself.

Advanced Qi Wireless Charge

Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

Thanks to the advanced Qi wireless charging technology, there’s no need to reach for a cable every time you want to charge your phone, just drop your phone on the charging pad and it will start charging. And you can also pick yourphone up without having to unplug when you are ready to go. It’s significantly easier and more convenient than traditional wired charging.2
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16MP+5MP Dual Rear Camera

Preserve Precious Moments in Life

There are many precious moments in life that we wish we could preserve forever. One best way to freeze these moments is to press the fast shutter. The dual rear cameras - a 16MP primary sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor - on the Ulefone X work together to make the foreground subject sharp and clear while creating a beautifully blurred background, allowing you to hold on to all the wonderful memories.
F/2.2 Large
Beauty Mode

13MP Selfie Camera

Snap the Perfect You Every Single Time

Gone are the days of taking tons of selfies to pick the perfect one are gone. The high-pixel 13MP camera along with optimized beauty algorithm creates crisper, more detailed, and brighter selfies, so you can always get perfect selfies to share with your family and friends each time you press the shutter.
Beauty Mode
F/2.4 Large Aperture

Advanced HiFi Chipset & BOX Speaker

Immerse Yourself in the Music

Music is an inseparable part of our lives, that’s why we equip the Ulefone X with an advanced audio chipset and high-quality BOX speaker. Capable of perfect reproduction of the original sounds, it allows you to enjoy rich, complex rhythms without ever missing a beat.

Face Unlock & Fingerprint ID

Unlock Your Phone in A Blink of Eye

Our fingerprints save us from typing in passwords or drawing patterns, and now our faces free up our hands when getting our phones unlocked. The Ulefone X with both fingerprint identification system and facial recognition system provides you with options you can use to quickly get your phone unlocked.

Dreamy Glass Design

Dazzle Your Eyes

To make wireless charging possible, the Ulefone X adopts a glass back with curves instead of an aluminum one, which looks stunning and gives you a sense of comfort and luxury when holding in hand. Besides, the glass back also makes signals like Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth stronger without the need for clunky lines embedded into the frame.

GPS & GLONASS Navigation Systems

Never Lose Your Way

With GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation systems support, the location accuracy, reliability and speed are greatly improved. Whether navigating in car travel, going hiking or sightseeing in a foreign country, you can count on the Ulefone X for correct guidance without worrying about losing your way.

Dual 4G Network, Dual Standby

Free to Explore More Possible

With the dual-SIM Ulefone X , you are reachable via two phone numbers simultaneously, you can quickly switch between these two. Also, Dual 4G network bring you good surfing experience. It’s ideal to use for those who often travel abroad or those who wish to keep their work and private lives separate. Carrying only one phone, you will enjoy either fast local networks or the freedom of two roles.

Newest Android 8.1 Oreo

Take A Bite of the Sweet Cookie

The fresh new Android 8.1 OreoTM completely changes the way you operate and interact with your phone, as it contains numerous improvements, tweaks and optimizations - specifically around tangible performance, battery life and security - that combine into creating a much faster, smoother and more polished overall user experience.With the optimize interface, it will take you into a simple interactive world, which will help you define a new way of using cell phone.
  1. The data results of Aspect Ratio is calculated in accordance with Industry Standard. Sometimes, according to the different calculation method, there have different data description on the product package or Parameters label. Such as 18:9, 19:9 ,21:10 Aspect Ratio Data are equally correct.
  2. Notice: The wireless charging accessories are sold separately.