Ulefone Tiger

Beautiful, Powerful, Durable

2-day Use with 3500mAh Battery

Ulefone Tiger Lite packs a 3500mAh Sony Li-polymer battery which will offer the energy for 2-day normal use or 550 hours standby, not only for the big capacity but also for the energy-efficient software.

More Metallic with Brush Finish

Brush finish will better reveal the premium feel that is born with metal while the brush texture on Ulefone Tiger Lite are made with precision and imagination to deliver a feel of retro-modernism.

A Crucial Step to Beauty

The camera protector has adopted CD pattern which gives out fascinating glare. This approach has improved the aura of the whole phone body, just like the jewel on the crown.

Fast and Efficient Chipset

TF Extend

Looks Smooth, Touches Smooth

The curves on the edge of metal body are so precisely finished to bring absolute smoothness, while nothing abrupt will be left.

Safety Above All

The Li-polymer battery of Ulefone Tiger Lite is packed with high-strength nonflammable heat-isolating material for protection. Unless the battery is deliberately injured,it will never do harm to you.

Take Nice Photos with

Sony / Samsung Cameras

5.5-inch High-definition Display

Big display, high-resolution, and accurate colors are the key elements to achieve impressive visual experiences. Apparently, 5.5-inch HD display of Ulefone Tiger Lite will provide you all of them.

Mature Touch ID Technology

As fingerprint scanner technology gets ever sophisticated , it’s meaningless to boast that Ulefone tiger Lite will support unlock in 0.2 seconds with 99% success rate, but it is actually good to use. And no doubt, 5 fingerprint IDs to access different apps is cool.

Lead You On Right Way

The upper and lower part of Ulefone Tiger Lite’s body are made from highly signal-transparent materials for full exposure of GPS antenna to signals. That’s why Ulefone Tiger Lite will be responsive in all kinds of environments.

Old, but Good

Some function has always been employed since it appeared for the first time. But Why ? Just because it is good for use. Off-screen gesture is no doubt of this kind.
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Email

*Off-screen functions can be set up to your own liking.

Smart, Safe, and Efficient Software

Based on Andro-id 6.0, Ulefone Tiger Lite’s software has been specially optimized for better smoothness and energy efficiency; it will also offer plenty of ways to protect your privacy; and great efforts have been taken to beautify its UI.

Sky Black

Space Grey

Champagne Gold