8-core Helio P25



Android™ 7.0

Global Version

As Swift As Lightning

Helio P25 8-core 2.6GHz 16nm Processor

Like a human heart, the CPU is extremely crucial for a phone's performance. Built on the advanced 16 nm process technology, the Helio P25 incorporates eight Cortex-A53 cores with clock speed as high as 2.6GHz, delivering more power while using less energy. Powered by the ultra-fast 8-core processor, Ulefone T1 is born with unparalleled energy and smoothness. It can handles all tasks you throw at it with ease, let alone CPU-intensive apps and games. Say goodbye to lags and say hello to the lightning fast Ulefone T1.

Intelligent Labor Division Achieves Perfect Balance

Innovative Two-cluster Structure

The Helio P25 CPU features a total of two ARM-A53 clusters with a low-performance cluster running at 1.6GHz and a high-performance cluster clocking at 2.6GHz. The two clusters can automatically switch from one to the other according to different task requirements---the lower-performance ARM-A53 cluster deals with trivial tasks, while the high-performance cluster handles those heavy demanding tasks. Through the reasonable division-cooperation, it enables the phone to deliver outstanding performance with a 20% reduction in power consumption, achieving perfect balance between performance and duration.

Superior Graphics Capabilities

Advanced Mali-T880 1GHz GPU

As the highest performing and most energy-efficient mobile GPU in the Mali family, the new ARM Mali-T880 GPU perfectly complements the Helio P25. With max speed of 1GHz, the ARM Mali-T880 GPU is 1.8 times faster and up to 40% more energy efficient than the Mali-T760 GPU. So you are allowed to better enjoy high resolution videos and heavy games with high demand on graphics performance.
Mali-T880 VS Mali-T760
Times faster
Energy saving

Faster And More Space-efficient

Cutting-edge H.265 Codec Standard

H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding, increases data compression ratio by up to 2 times as compared to H.264. And it also enables video to be compressed to a file that is about 39% to 44% smaller than the size of H.264- encoded video, while retaining the same visual quality. With smaller encoded files, it saves more space, therefore, it's more conducive to data transmission, allowing you to enjoy high-definition videos anywhere.

Store All You Want

6GB RAM 64GB ROM & 256GB SD Extend

Impressive 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM greatly increases storage by 50% compared to the LPDDR3 RAM, making multitasking a breeze. And the LPDDR4 RAM with bandwidth of 32Gbps also runs two times faster than the LPDDR3, offering more efficient data transfer. Besides, the LPDDR4 memory chip's operating voltage is reduced to 1.1v, which significantly reduces power consumption while ensuring peak performance in a multitasking environment. Moreover, thanks to the massive 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB, you don't have to delete to free up storage on your phones any more, storing all of your favorite apps, musics, videos, pictures, etc to your liking.

Change the Way You See the World

16MP +5MP Dual Cameras

Two cameras shoot as one, similar to the way we humankind see the world. The high-resolution 16MP camera captures clear, vivid images, while the other 5MP depth-of-field shooter achieves artsy bokeh effects. Such a combo manages to raise your photos to the next level. Besides, two cameras also let more light in and brings a faster shutter speed, allowing you to easily get sharper, brighter pictures.

Brighter, Yet More Natural

Two-tone Quad Flash

The two-tone quad-LED flash provides enough light for images anytime and anywhere. Additionally, it can automatically adjust color temperature according to the environment and then create light effect that looks more natural, resulting in sharp yet bright photos with comfortable tones.

Your Beauty Shines through Day And Night

13MP Front camera & Selfie Softlight

The 13MP front-facing camera along with softlight, takes selfie performance to a whole new level. The 13MP camera captures extremely clear selfies with rich details, while the selfie softlight fills light in to give your face a soft, glowing complexion, making you look naturally fresh and beautiful. As a result, each selfie delivers extraordinary clarity and vivid,natural colors. That's why Ulefone T1 always make your beauty shines out.

25 Frequency Bands under 5 Telecom Types

Global Version

The Ulefone T1 is designed to be a real global phone with incredibly extensive network supported. Compatible with 25 frequency bands under 5 telecom types, the T1 covers nearly all major carriers in Asia, Europe and America. Additionally, it also works on LTE CAT6, with lightning-fast download speeds up to 300 Mbps, enabling you to get a faster and more stable connectivity when you are away from home.
2G: GSM B2/3/5/8
3G :WCDMA B1/2/4/5/8
       CDMA2000 BC0

4G: FDD-LTE B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/19/20
       TDD-LTE B38/39/40/41

A Wonderful World In Your Vision

Marvelous 5.5-inch FHD Display

The 5.5-inch full HD display on the Ulefone T1 will keep you immersed for hours in your favorite videos and games which you can enjoy in stunning cinematic quality. With a contrast ratio of 1400:1, whopping 401PPI and 96% NTSC color gamut, the screen delivers vivid images with crisp details and rich colors. What's more, there's a layer of oleophobic coating on the surface of the display to reduce fingerprint contamination, making your vision always clean and pure.
Big Display

Oleophobic Coating
≥ 92%
NTSC Garment
Corning® Gorilla 3

Rigorous Craftsmanship Fuels Imagination

CNC Cutting & Nano Injection & Grit Blasting

The Ulefone T1 perfectly combines innovative design and refined craftsmanship. With an exquisite metal unibody design and premium finish, the Ulefone T1 takes your breath away at the first sight. Forged with meticulous craftsmanship including masterly CNC cutting, multi-phase polishing, cutting-edge nano injection, high- accuracy grit blasting, T1 provides you a stunning look as well as comfortable grip.

Immersive Audio Enjoyment

Independent HiFi System

Independent HiFi audio chipset brings you unparalleled sound quality ---really punchy bass, clearly defined mid-ranges and melodious trebles, through precise audio decoding and high-accuracy amplification. With well-matched powerful amplifier from Fourier, the sound you hear is pure, clear and powerful as it's meant to be. So, immerse yourself in the ultimate acoustic feast.

Built in NXP HiFi

audio chipset

Long-lasting Duration & Power up in A Flash

3680mAh Battery PE+2.0 Fast Charge

Ulefone T1 packs a massive capacity of 3680mAh with stable output power, therefore it manages to last for a full day even on your heavy usage. You don't need to worry about running out of juice during the day any more. Besides, thanks to the smart 9V/2A PE+2.0 quick-charge technology, it takes merely an hour and twenty minutes to get your T1 fully charged. Last but not least, the Li-polymer electric cell is proved to be the safest battery so there will be no concern for "battery incidents"
PE+2. 0 technology
9v 2a fast charge

Responsive, Secure And Multi-functional

0.1s Smart Touch Access

The finely-crafted fingerprint sensor takes the security of your personal data to the next level in a more convenient and reliable way. The front-facing reader is easy to reach when you hold the Ulefone T1 in hand. With a gentle touch, the highly sensitive sensor would rapidly recognize your fingerprint and then unlock the phone in less than 0.1 second. Aside from that, the fingerprint reader can also be used as the back key and more purposes for convenient interaction.


Always Lead Your Way Home

The professional dual satellite positioning system, including GPS and GLONASS, are capable of more precise and faster location by stabler signal reception. Therefore it will always guide you on the right way while you are on a trip. With Ulefone T1, You can be free from worries about getting lost while enjoying your travels better.

Move with Ease in the Virtual Reality

High-precision 6-axis Gyroscope

We adopts the latest 6-axis gyroscope which allows for accurate motion tracking either to help you stick to a particular direction or to make sure you have changed to the right one. Through precise control of the movements, you can be even more deeply immersed in the VR gaming world.

Each Way Works

Reversible Type C

The latest Type-C technology, not only makes data transfer faster and charging stabler, but also enables you to plug the cable rightly every time without worrying about breaking the interface. There will be no more fumble to find the right way of plugging in, because either way is right.

Ultimate Pursuit for Perfection

Pure Android 7.0 Nougat

Pure Android 7.0 Nougat breathes brand-new life into the Ulefone T1 with enhanced smoothness, more rigorous dataflow management and lower power consumption. Our engineers also add some user-friendly tweaks to the Ulefone T1 for more enjoyable user experience.