Beauty Never Fades

What will happen when the passionate, vibrant red meets far-reaching, quiet blue? This time, we adopt the fashionable and striking red and blue color combination at the back of the limited edition T1. The two colors create a sharp contrast on the metal back cover and are carefully separated by a 0.45mm golden line. Such an innovative and bold design abandons the flat and boring images of smartphones, making the new T1 breathtakingly beautiful.

Impressive 128GB of ROM

The internal storage of the limited version T1 is expanded to impressive 128GB, offering you plenty of space to store apps, files, videos, pictures, etc that you like even without inserting a SD card. Save you from the trouble of deleting to free up room or inserting SD cards. More space, more joys.

Each Detail Shines

All details including the metal unibody, striking red and blue color contrast and delicate golden cutting line offer the limited edition T1superior texture comparable to that of a luxury. However behind the perfect details is more complex process design. The red-and-blue phone body is achieved through improvement on dozens of color schemes, and multi-phase anodizing process. It also consumes 3 times longer producing period than the regular edition.