Dual Rear Camera

Add Some Feel to Pictures

The dualistic photography system of Ulefone S8 is composed of a 13MP major camera and a depth-of-filed camera. With F2.2 big aperture, the major camera will offer pure, sharp, and vibrant images, while the sub camera can add stunning Bokeh effect. With prominent major object and mild background, such pictures will be better than "true-to-life" and will really stir the emotion of viewers.
13mega pixels
large aperture

Spotlight Yourself

With Front Softlight

In traditional photography, light has been vital to the taking of portraits, where a photographer can spend several hours in lighting just to make the model a bit more beautiful. It's a pity that lighting has been long been absent in mobile selfie, the world's most popular human figure photography. On Ulefone S8, we have offered a high-capacity front-facing LED light, which can support your selfie as either flash or always-on light. So, take the S8 and spotlight your brightest self.

Metal Frame

Meticulous Craftsmanship

On Ulefone S8, we have brought in the latest and boldest designing philosophy. The steep curve on the edge of rear side will bring most comfortable grip feel. And back cover has extended naturally to the metal frame to deliver high integrity in designing language. No doubt, Ulefone S8 is really an artwork regardless of its function.

In-cell Full Lamination

Sharp and Responsive

In-cell lamination not only increase the responsiveness of touch screen, but also improve the sharpness of display.

Delight Your Eyes

With 277PPI HD Display

To offer users delightful viewing experience, Ulefone S8 has adopted a 5.3-inch HD display. With the high pixel density of 277PPI, the display will deliver sharp enough details and vibrant enough colors that are needed to form a true- to-life picture. Besides, the display management software has applied softening treatment to the colors of the display, making your eyes feel comfortable while enjoying the vividness of pictures.

0.5mm Bezel

Immersive Viewing Experience

It's common sense that with the interfering substance occupying small area in our vision, the main object will better stand out and we can better focus our attention. To offer immersive viewing experience, we have narrowed he bezels beside the display to only 0.5mm. Such technique is rarely seen on devices for the same price or even twice of it, but we decided not to save us the burden since it will improve minute user experience.

5.3-inch Size

For 5.0-inch Single- handed Experience

Ulefone S8 has not only achieved nearly 0 mm bezels beside the display, but also slim upper and lower lips as narrow as 12mm and 14mm. Compared with devices with the same display size, Ulefone S8 has much more delicate body, which will further improve the single-handed grip fee. And with your fingertips freely touching every corner of the display, single-handed operation is also easy.
13hours call
9hours movie
26hours music

3000mAh Battery

Enjoy Yourself to the Full

Mobile phone technologies are improving day by daythese years. Of them, battery technology is progressing so slowly that battery life has become the Sword of Damocles that prevents consumers from usingtheir phones freely It's no doubt that everyone has experienced the nightmare of suddenpower-off. But on Ulefone S8, the 3000mAh big battery will resolve the restrain from your mind. Working with specially optimized software and high-efficiency CPU, the battery will allow you to enjoy your phone for a whole day.
* The above data comes from laboratory while it's normal if they vary from real-life use.

Quad-Core 1.3GHz Chipset

Ride Wind through Waves

For a mobile phone, CPU is the most important component which offers motivation to every operation, just like engine for a car. On Ulefone S8, we have equipped the upgraded version of MTK6580 quad-core chipset, which, with a clock speed as high as 1.3GHz, will perfectly deal with current heavy Android apps and games without sweating. Like surfing in the strong wind, you will feel your pores open during using Ulefone S8.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Newest Software Experience

Android 7.0 has become the best reputed mobile operating system for its high smoothness, safety, energy efficiency, and user-friendly interface. You are not mistaken, that you will get the newest and purest Android OS, And thanks to the optimization from our engineering team, the software has been combined seamlessly with the hardware to provide you with barrier-free using experience.

Dual SIM+SD Card

Dual Mobile Network

Ulefone S8 offers 2 SIM card slots and a SD card slot that supports 128GB storage expansion. Both SIM slots are compatible with 3G network, allowing you to browse the Web anywhere anytime. And 128GB expandability will allow you to store more files while save your from the pain of choosing which files to delete.
Micro SD

Global Positioning System

Position You Anywhere in the Globe

Ulefone S8 offers a perfectly optimized GPS chipset. With ultra strong GPS signal and accurate position, you will not miss yourself anywhere in this planet.