The Power to Be Your Best

5V/5A Charge
Wireless charge
IMX230 21MP
MT6763 Octa-core
Android 8.1
6.0” 18:9 Screen
Face ID

13,000mAh Battery

Safer Dual-cell Battery Design

7 Days of Power on A Single Charge
Charge Your Phone 52 Times A Year

5V/5A Super Fast Charge

Safer Low-voltage Charging

2.5Hrs Full Charging Time
5Hrs of Talk Time with 5 mins of Charging

Qi Wireless Charge

10W Fast Charge

9Hrs Full Charging Time
Inductive Charging Tech

Four Cameras

21MP/5MP Rear Cam

DSLR-level Bokeh Effects
13MP/5MP Front Cam

MT6763 Octa-core CPU

16nm Technology

up to 256GB SD Extend

Android 8.1 Oreo

Latest Android OS

Faster, Smarter,
More Energy-efficient

6.0-inch 18:9 AUO Display

90.8% Screen-to-body Ratio

FHD+ 2160x1080

Face ID & Fingerprint ID

128 Facial Features Recognition

0.1s Unlock Speed

Astonishing 13,000mAh Battery

Hold More Juice, Last Incredibly Longer

Most of the time, having your phone's battery petered out on you can cause a lot of inconvenience. The Power 5s fueled by a mighty 13,000mAh battery will have your back for at least a week on a single charge, or up to 10 days in light use. Besides, to eliminate potential hazards and guarantee safety, the battery the Power 5s packs features a dual-cell design. Aside from offering tons of energy, the phone can also serve as a power bank to juice up other electronic devices when needed.

Battery Endurance Comparison

* Based on results from Ulefone lab tests. All devices are tested under the same situation.

5V/5A Super Fast Charge

Stable, Secure, Cool

If you're in a hurry and your phone is running out of juice, watching it slowly charge can be pretty frustrating. Fortunately, the Power 5s adopts the advanced 5V/5A super fast charge to get itself refilled in just 2.5 hours. This will save a lot of time for you and make you more productive on-the-go. Plus, the super fast charging technology that relies on larger electric currents instead of larger voltage is much safer than conventional fast charging technologies which makes your phone stay cool when charging.
5V/5A Super Fast Charge = 2.7x 5V/2A Fast Charge
5V/5ASuper Fast Charge = 1.5x 9V/2A Fast Charge
5V/5A Super Fast Charge = 1.1x 12V/2A Fast Charge

Leading-edge 10W Wireless Charge

Less Bondage, More Freedom

Thanks to the Qi wireless charging technology, there’s no more searching for and fiddling with wall warts and cables, or crawling under desk to reach an AC outlet. Charging your phone has never been so simple and convenient. And it’s also awesome that you can pick your phone up without having to unplug or disconnect when you are ready to go or need to use your phone.
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6.0-inch Super Vision Display

Hold the Future in Your Palm

The stunning 18:9 AUO display on the Power 5s that occupies nearly the entire face of the phone, provides an impeccably thrilling, immersive, large viewing experience. Meanwhile, the 6.0-inch size is still comfortable to operate with just one hand. When the screen lights up, you will immediately be attracted to the vivid, vibrant, sharp world in front of you without any distraction and annoyance caused by bezels.

Premium MT6763 8-core CPU

Incredible Power And Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your phone lags in the middle of a task. But you don’t have to bother with this as the Ulefone Power 5s comes with a new MT6763 processor built on latest 16nm manufacturing processor coupled with 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM and advanced Mali-G71 GPU to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience while consuming less energy. Every operation on the Power 5s is extraordinarily smooth, fast and energy efficient.
SD Extend
*Notice: Because of incompatibility issues, some 256GB SD cards would fail to be detected.

Sony 21MP Dual Rear Camera

Twice the Fun of Photography

Our eyes come in a set of two, so why not dual cameras on a phone? A 21MP main sensor and a 5MP secondary snapper that aid in image quality and focusing speeds create snap crisp, detailed, and bright photos. The two cameras also produce blur effects that make the subject stand out from its blurred surroundings just like a DSLR. Additionally, you can change your perspective and get inspired by adjusting what’s in focus in your photos before pressing the shutter.
IIMX230 21MP Main Camera
5MP Secondary Camera
Depth-of-field Effects
Dual Flash

Anti-shaky OIS Technology

Enhance Your Picture Taking Experience

Wonderful moments just slip away if your hands shake when snapping a shot. The Power 5s comes with advanced optical image stabilization technology to eliminate unwanted hand shakes when clicking images or shooting videos. Even in low light conditions you can get clear, crisp images and smoother videos.

Stylish yet Solid Design

Enchanted at the First Glimpse

Through multiple processing, the well crafted Ulefone Power 5s is designed to be a desirable companion. The exquisite leather-like finish in perfect combination with shiny metal generates a strong sense of beauty and strength. And the elegant curves on the back and edges that fit nicely in the palm of your hands allows for a more comfortable grip. The Phone feels as great as it looks.

Perfect Combination of Leather-like finish & Shiny Metal Elegant, Fashionable, Classic

Face ID & Fingerprint ID

A Step Toward Ever-increasing Convenience

High technology does make daily life easier and more convenient. Gone are the days when you have to type in passwords or draw complex patterns to unlock your phone, now you can easily access your phone with your face or fingerprints. Both ways are secure, reliable and fast, you can choose the one you prefer.

Smart Shortcut Key

Small Change, Big Difference

Thanks to the smart shortcut key on the side, things can now be done faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. To access the camera, you only need to press the button once and another press will do for snapping pictures. Plus, a long press can automatically start voice recording, and a short press will stop the recording and save the audio files.
Short press to
access the camera
long press to
voice recording

Quality Audio Chipset & Box Speaker

Take Your Audio Experience up A Notch

Music is indispensable to us, which enrich our lives, spurs our creativity, uplift our spirits and deepen our thoughts. To guarantee the best musical pleasure, we equip the Power 5s with an advanced AW8736 audio chipset and high-quality BOX speaker. It turns out that every sound you hear is pure, clear and authentic, as it's meant to be heard.


Your Own Personal Guider

The perfect combination of GPS and GLONASS navigation systems provide significantly enhanced location exactness, authenticity and speed. Just like your personal guide, wherever you want to go, the Ulefone Power 5s will safely take you there. Never again will you lose your way.

Latest Android 8.1 OreoTM

Get A Bite of the Sweet Cookie

As the latest version of Android operating system, the Android 8.1 Oreo contains tons of new features, small tweaks, and enhancements that combine to deliver a smarter, faster, easier to use and more powerful user experience. Just like the sweet cookie it's named after, take a bite and you will love this Android cookie immediately.