Helio P23 Series 18:9 4-camera Big Battery Flagship


4-day Use

OTG Reverse Charge
USB Type C

5V/3A Fast Charge

Safer Low-voltage Fast Charge

5 mins of Charging
for 2 hrs of Talk

6.0-inch 18:9

All Screen FHD+(2160*1080)

90.8% Screen-to-body Ratio
Corning Gorilla Glass 4

MediaTek P23 Series

Powerful 8-core CPU

Advanced 16nm Technology
25% Energy Efficient


SD up To 256GB

Smoother Multitasking
Large Storage Space

Four Cameras

Dual Flash +Selfie Softlight

13MP/5MP Dual Front Cam
16MP/5MP Dual Rear Cam

Face ID+Fingerprint ID

Smarter And Safer

0.1s Unlocking Speed
Enroll up to 5 Fingerprints

Android 7.1

Made for you

With more ways to
make Android your own

Dazzling 6.0-inch 18:9 All Screen Design

Discover A True-to-life World

A big battery is perfectly matched with a large screen. Coming with a full vision 18:9 aspect ratio display, the Power 3S delivers an unprecedentedly pure and broad vision, creating a fully immersive experience. And thanks to the 6.0-inch display with resolution of 2160x 1080, everything you see on the screen is as clear and vibrant as it’s meant to be. So, enjoy the striking unlimited vision to the fullest.
Aspect Ratio
Screen-to-body Ratio

Tougher Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Redefine the Standard in Damage Resistance

The display on the Power 3S is well protected by the 4th generation of Corning Gorilla Glass which is two times tougher than competitive glasses. With significantly improved protection against drop, bump and scratches, the display on the Power 3S can always bring you pure and pleasing viewing enjoyment
Survival Ratio Comparison:


Corning Gorilla Glass 4


Soda-lime Glass

Ever-lasting 6350mAh Battery

Power, Beyond Expectation

The Power 3S packs a huge 6350mAh battery which takes the bar of big battery phone to a whole new level. With such a large battery, the Power 3S provides you with unbelievably long-lasting companion. Even under heave use, it can last at least 4 days, allowing you to enjoy TV shows, games or music to the fullest anywhere and anytime. Besides, with reverse charge supported, your Power 3S can be used as a huge power bank to offer energy for other devices if necessary.
Normal Use

* Based on results from Ulefone lab tests. Accurate battery life depends on actual usage situation. 

Light-speed Fast Charge 4.0

Be Back in A Flash

Still worrying about waiting too long to get the Power 3S fully recharged ? We’ve taken this into consideration in advance. Thanks to the advanced 5V/3A fast charging technology, the Power 3S can be refilled in only 120 minutes, which is way faster than the previous models. And with only 5 minutes of charging, you can talk another 2 hours. As it takes in enough juice over a cup of coffee, it will keep you connected when you are traveling far away or leaving in a hurry.
Quick Charge:   5 mins   Talk Time:  2 Hrs

Quick Charge:   30 mins   Normal Use:  1 Day

Quick Charge:   120 mins     Full Charge

Dual Selfie Snappers with Softlight

Make You Always Be in Focus

This time we adopt the dual-camera setup on the front to breathe new life into your selfies. A 13MP main sensor captures the crystal-clear details while a 5MP sub shooter achieves professional bokeh effects, making you always the centre of attention. Besides, there’s a softlight creating studio-like light effects for more bright, and natural-looking complexions. So you always look amazing in you selfies.

Light up Your Beauty in the Dark

16MP Samsung Dual Cameras

Capture Every Perfect Moment

The 16MP+5MP combo on the back brings you unprecedented pleasure through adding DSLR-like bokeh flavour to photos. The two cameras create pictures with sharp foreground and soft, blurry background. With optimized camera and software, the bokeh effects look more natural and realistic. And you could adjust the degree of blurring according to your own preference. The end of your finger is the focus point. Through different angles of view, you can get unexpected great photos.
16MP + 5MP
Bokeh Effects
5-element Lens
Dual Flash
PDAF Quick Focus

Speedy Helio P23 Octa-core CPU

Strong And Surging Power

To be well-matched with the huge 6350mAh battery, the Power 3S is equipped with the powerful Helio P23 Octa-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz paired with massive 4GB of RAM, which delivers premium performance at lightning speeds while consuming 25% less power. In combination with carefully optimized software, it can always work at peak performance. Even when running many apps at the same time, the Power 3S is speedy enough to keep up with you.
Advanced CPU

64GB of ROM Expandable up to 256GB

Store All Wonderful Things

We get new items to store every single day. The more things you want to keep, the more storage space you need. With massive 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB, the Power 3S provides you with enough room for your favorite apps, photos, videos and music. You don’t have to delete to free up storage, instead, you can keep all the wonderful things as you wish.

Exquisite Craftsmanship And Artistic Design

Double up Your Enjoyment

The polycarbonate body of the Power 3S processed by the 3D laser carving technology features a metallic finish along with stylish bright silver lines at the top and bottom. The combination of classic materials and stylish design not only makes the phone slim and light, but also ensures strong signal reception and comfy grip.

Revolutionary Face ID

Your Face Is Your New Password

With revolutionary Face Identification, now you can unlock your phone with a single look. When you light up the screen, the Face ID will recognize you in an instant. It’s much faster, simpler and more convenient than the fingerprint identification system. And thanks to the enhanced encrypted algorithm, the Face ID will protect your personal data in a more secure and reliable way.

0.1s Fingerprint ID

Quicker Than You Think

Saving you from memorizing complex passwords and patterns, a press of finger gives you the freedom of focusing on things that are really matter. And we keep optimizing the recognition speed and accuracy of the fingerprint scanner to achieve faster and more accurate recognition, allowing you to get access to your phone in a flash.

Independent HiFi Chipset

Lose Yourself in the Pleasing Music

Independent HiFi chipset brings you unparalleled sound quality ---really punchy bass, clearly defined mid-ranges and melodious trebles, through precise audio decoding and high-accuracy amplification. As a result, the sound you hear is pure, clear and powerful as it's meant to be. So, immerse yourself in the ultimate acoustic feast.


Lead You Down the Right Path

The highly accurate GPS and GLONASS navigation system with rapid positioning and strong anti-interference can always lead you the right way. There’s no need to worry about getting lost again. You can safely navigate to wherever you want to go.

Reversible Type-C

Both Sides Are Right-side up

The latest Type-C technology with faster data transfer and stabler charging allows you to plug the cable rightly every time without worrying about breaking the interface. There will be no more fumble to find the right side, because either side is right.

Pure Android 7.1

Made for You

Pure Android 7.1 takes user experience to a new level with greatly improved smoothness, more rigorous dataflow management and lower energy consumption. Other than that, our engineers also add some user-friendly tweaks and changes for more delightful use.