Extreme Balance | A 5 inch "Handset"


Ideal Size for Vision and Touch

GO bin,for visual enjoyment.Or go small,to be easy to use.Which way?That is the question we' ve been asking ourselves conceming a device which de-lights both the eyes ande hands.In the end,it is our fans who convinced us that 5 inch stands at the best balanced point between impressiveness and us-ability.


Alloy of Beauty and Technology

A perfect device shluld emit the beauty of technology that merges naturally into life.Our approach to such a masterpiece is metal and glass streamlined with the finest craftsmanship that trims anything rough or abrupt. That's why you see Ulefone Paris brilliant in delicacy and smooth in elegance.

Ultra-light Metal Frame    |    CNC Technique     |     8mm      |    125g


Performance above benchmarks

If a work is light for you,you can do it at ease and do it at ease and do it for long.The reason we choose MTK6753 as the heart of our most balanced product is that it can work calmly,with 8 A53 cores together to achieve a capacity of just 1.3GHz. You will find the Paris deal with all tasks in stability, besides lasting longer.


Controlled To Be Natural

13.2 MP resolution sounds nice, but we know the true essence of an excellent camera never lies elsewhere but optimization,and that's what we have been doing throughout these months.A better controlled camera will take photos that is truer to life and more natural to the eyes.


Sharp While Modest

When we were thinking about the resolution of display,FHD was the first option that came into mind,because it would be a good hyping point,But 1080P would require higher-rank processor,bigger battery,and definitely lead to thicker body,which would batray our persuit for a handy phone.So we finally chose HD, which will provide just enough sharpness on a 5-inch display and meanwhile,save considerable energy.


New look,Familar Usage

To be innovative means you always have to make something new.But it's inhuman to force people to change old habits. Thanks to imagination, you see the conflict perfectly resolved on Ulefone Paris. For example,the touth buttons under the display are totally different from conventional ones,yet still placed where you are familiar,with functions you are familiar with.


Bes Flawless audio

An increase in volume and richer deeper bass are thanks to the use of a second generation Bes Smart audio processor.Audio from the Smart chip flows through a new speaker design resulting in a 13% improvement in sound performance. The revolutionary new audio systems embedded algorithms im-proves audio output real-time.Music,audio and phone calls have never been clearer.


4G + 3G + 2G

Dual-SIM Dual Standby

you have the option of running at up to 4G LTE speeds! The Paris X supports dual-SIM with dual-standby. FDD-LTE ,WCDMA and GSM,The primary 4G SIM-card provides you with high speed internet, while the second SIM-card provides you with 2G voice calls. There's no need to bring two phones with you: one Paris is all you need.


Android 5.1 Lollipop, U-Launcher

Pure, Fast, Energy-efficient

We decided to make a phone which is now called Ulefone Paris when we realized that all people needed was just a phone good to use. That's why we gave up highest specs and all kinds of tricks,and entirely focused on user experience. We believe our efforts will not come in vain,while you will witness the handiest stock Android 5.1 on Ulefone Paris.

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