Groundbreaking All Screen

Set You Free from Boundaries

Imagination is boundless, and the same should be true of our vision. Thanks to the groundbreaking all screen design,all you see is pure content without interferences from annoying bezels. Meanwhile, without enlarging the screen size, the display area has been maximized for an extraordinarily bigger vision. So with the amazing full display on the MIX, you can experience more immersive visual enjoyment that you never had before when watching movies, or playing games.

How Did We Achieve the Full Display Design?

Technical Innovation Makes It Work

To achieve the all screen design with a display covering almost the whole front panel, we redesign the layout of the phone from the inside out. Through miniaturizing the earpiece, moving the selfie camera and light sensor below the display, and narrowing the bezels around the display to nearly 0mm , finally the display on the MIX take up nearly all of the front surface area. With an unprecedentedly broader vision, the all-screen Ulefone MIX redefines the immersive visual experience.
"invisible" Camera And L-sensor
Tri-bezel-less Design

A Lack of Bezels Leads to A More Fragile Display ?

For You, A Thousand Times over

As bezels are moved away, the fragility of glass in phones take on a new importance. Given that, the display is protected by the metal frame and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to withstand the impact of bumps, drops and falls. Plus, the sleek, curved corners can greatly dissipate the force of impact. Additionally, the curves on the back ensure a firm hold. Therefore, you are allowed to better enjoy a worry-free full vision.
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Curved Back Cover
Sleek Corners

Can’t Take Your Hands off It

5.1mm Extra-narrow Metal Frame

We went to great length to make every detail perfect. Refined metal frame is well-matched with the exquisite back cover achieved by IML technology, bringing impressive strength as well as eye-catching charm. In the meantime, the width of the frame is narrowed to astonishing 5.1mm, making the MIX as pleasing to look at as it’s to hold. You can clearly tell the difference as long as you hold the MIX in your hand.

Flowing Light And Color

Blue Edition with Dazzling Lumia Effect

Employed with multiple, exquisite technics, the blue MIX refracts unique and brilliant light streaks, as beautiful as the aurora. WIth the irregular change of light and shadow, the blue-edition Ulefone MIX is endued with a mysterious and magical appeal.

Exceptional Viewing Experience

Vibrant 5.5-inch HD Display

Aside from offering a larger, bezel-free viewing experience, the 5.5-inch HD display on the MIX with extra- high optical transmissivity and high contrast ratio, delivers stunning images with vivid colors and sharp details. The world you hold in your palm is just identical to the real world. Two different worlds, the same pleasure.

Snappy Overall Performance

MT6750T Octa-core Chipset & 4GB of RAM

Other than highlighted full display design, the performance of the MIX won’t fail you as well. Powered by outstanding MT6750T octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, paired with 4GB of RAM, it can effortlessly satisfy your demands on smooth and fast user experience. Whether handling day-to-day tasks or burdensome jobs like heavy multitasking and demanding games, the MIX will always impress you with its speedy and stable performance.
Powerful CPU
High Frequency
Huge RAM

Huge Capacity Makes Greatness

Massive 64GB of ROM Expandable up to 256GB

Are you still bothering about the shortage of storage space? Now you can get rid of the annoying "not enough storage" as the MIX is packed with a whopping 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB. You do not have to delete to free up space any more, instead, you could store tons of pictures, videos and files to your liking.
SD Extend

Two Is Better Than One

Sony 13MP+ 5MP Dual Cameras

The MIX sports dual cameras on the back -- a 13MP Sony IMX258 sensor to capture major subjects and a 5MP subsidiary shooter to achieve artsy depth-of-field effects. To highlight the main subjects through blurring the background, each photo taken with the MIX is just like a piece of artwork. In addition, next to the two cameras are two LED flash lights for illuminating images in low light conditions. Raise your photos to the next level, and allow you to better enjoy the pleasure of taking photos.
Sony IMX258 13mp Senor 5MP Sub Camera
DSLR-quality Bokeh Effects
F/2.2 Large Aperture
Dual LED Flash

Take Beautiful Snap of Your Own

13MP Selfie Camera

If you are looking for a perfect phone to take care of all your selfie needs, the MIX is definitely at the top of your list. 13MP camera along with F/2.2 aperture, makes every selfie look sharp, clear and bright. Plus, when shooting you can rotate the MIX down and accordingly the interface would adjust automatically.
13mp Selfie Camera
Beauty Mode
F2.2 Aperture

Plentiful Power Throughout the Day

Long-lasting 3300mAh Battery

The MIX packs a much thinner and securer 3300mAh Li-polymer battery, which ensures a long service between charges, and can offer you the juice for a whole day on a single charge.There’s no need to worry about running out of power during the day. Without frequent charging, you can freely browse webpages, play games, watch movies, chat online with your friends, etc.

Safeguard Your Personal Data

0.1s Smart Fingerprint ID

We attach great importance to your privacy, therefore, we adopt the front-facing fingerprint identification solution for both amazing convenience and exclusive access to your personal information. With a gentle touch, you can easily unlock your phone in less than 0.1s. Meanwhile, you can enroll up to five fingerprints for more handy access.
Unlocking Speed

Immersive HiFi Enjoyment

Take Your Audio Experience up A Notch

If you're a music lover, you should not miss the MIX. Equipped with the advanced AW8737S audio chipset, the MIX delivers high-resolution audio in unparalleled sound quality. High dynamic range, low distortion and high volume together make what you hear is always crystal clear, pure and euphonious. Let pleasing music flow around you, enjoy the immersive audio feast.

Bridge the Real World And the Virtual Reality

High-precision 6-axis Gyroscope

The latest 6-axis gyroscope successfully breaks down the barriers that stand between the real world and the virtual one. Through accurate and reliable motion control, you are allowed to move as easy as you do in the real world. Combined with the bigger, bezel-free display, you can better immerse yourself in the VR gaming world.


Precise Positioning Without Errors

GPS and GLONASS navigation system with precise and rapid positioning can always lead you the right way. Besides, the design of the antenna ensures strong and stable signal reception. So with the guidance of the MIX you don’t need to worry about losing your way again.

Extra-high Quality Video & Voice Call via VoLTE

Connection Narrows Distance

VoLTE short for “Voice over LTE”, allows you to make high quality video & voice call via 4G instead of traditional 2G or 3G network. You can surf the web while talking on the phone. And it takes the phone only 2 seconds to connect a call, thanks to the faster 4G network with shorter delay and waiting. Besides, it also improves 40% of the speech quality in comparison with 2G or 3G network and the dropped-call rate is nearly zero.
* Whether you can use VoLTE depends on the local carriers.

Smooth, Efficient And User-friendly

Pure Android 7.0 Nougat

Pure Android 7.0 Nougat breathes brand-new life into the Ulefone MIX with enhanced smoothness, more rigorous dataflow management and lower power consumption. Our engineers also add some user-friendly tweaks and changes for more delightful use.