Excellent Performance

with Proven CPU

8-core 64-bit CPU MTK6753 has proved itself as the best balanced solution for both operational speed and energy efficiency. With 8 Cortex A53 processing cores to achieve combined clock speed of 1.3GHz, MTK6753 will work without sweating. That’s why you will experience delightful smoothness on Ulefone Metal while battery life will be considerably longer than you imagine.


Rocket Fast Gaming

with Overwhelming GPU

Mali T720 GPU has gained its reputation by dealing with graphics tasks on most phones with 1080P display, so it will be more than sufficient for a phone with 720P display. With Ulefone Metal, top- rank gaming performance won’t be something impossible.


Enjoyable Multitasking

Experience with

3GB Huge RAM

Finally, 3GB LPDDR3 high speed big RAM comes to mid-price phones and now you are allowed to experience the kind of convenience that only came from expensive phones formerly. The big RAM will fully release the capacity of CPU and GPU while saving you from the burden of frequent task clearance.


Optimized Marshmallow

to Enhance Performance

Android 6.0 is known for smooth operation and energy efficiency, while our engineers have managed to make it even better. We deeply know that only best optimized software can make the excellent components work harmoniously.