Metal Tempered

glass protector


9H Hardness to Resist

Hitting and Abrasion

Treated by 600℃ high-temperature quenching, the tempered glass protector has 9H degree of hardness. It will protect the screen of Ulefone Metal from violent hit and itself will survive all kinds of abrasion.


Purest Material for

Excellent Transparency

The tempered glass of Ulefone Metal has adopted high-purity material which were melted and molded in cleanest environment to avoid foreign substances. You’ll watch the display as if the tempered glass does not exist at all.


2.5D Glass on 2.5D Screen

To fit perfectly to the 2.5D screen of Ulefone Metal, the tempered glass protector also has slight curve on the edges. Therefore, you will not find it abrupt in either the eyes or hand.


Protect Your Eyes

from Blue Light

The tempered glass will filter the blue light emitted by display. It is a kind of high-energy light that can increase the toxin in macular region of human eye balls. In this sense, such a protective glass is indispensable to mobile phones.


Oleophobic Coating to Keep Clean

The oleophobic coating on the tempered glass is isolated from greasy dirt, so cleaning is very easy. When you take your phone out of pocket, you’ll always find it as clean as new.


We Know Your Needs Perfectly

The tempered glass comes with cleaning cloth, dust absorber, guide sticker and spirit, which will make its use very easy.

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