Speed Defines Winner

It’s hard to define what is a good smartphone, because it is a complex system. But as long as a device runs fast,it has the potential to be excellent. Ulefone Future packs the latest octa-core 64-bit chipset Helio P10, which, with its 2GHz super clock speed, will offer reliable drive for execution of every order from your finger. Your interaction with the Future will be so smooth that the phone feels like natural extension of your body.


A Phone, Also a

Gaming Machine

Mali-T860 represents a giant leap in mobile phone graphics processing as it has been very close to professional GPUs for gaming. Therefore Ulefone Future will not be too different from a standalone gaming machine. It will bring you smooth and exciting gaming experience while you can have it everywhere.


Free from Inhibition with 4GB RAM

Besides processor, RAM is the most important component related to performance. 4GB RAM will fully release the potential of Helio P10 and Mali-T860 while saving you from the burden of killing ongoing tasks. A good phone, such as Ulefone Future, must let its users feel free.


Store More Belongings

While the size of of each app gets ever big, the space left for yourself is less and less sufficient. Ulefone Future offers 32GB built-in storage (expandable to 128GB), with the added 16GB for music files and photos. It will be really your phone since you will have more space you can use out of your own will.