ulefone Future

Your Vision has No Border


Truly Bezel-less Display


Truly Bezel-less

A bezel-less display will deliver infinite visual impression that you never had before. Without the interference from bezels, you will be better focused on what is displayed. And with the bezels illuminated, a 5.5-inch device will offer comfortable grip that is supposed to come from a 5-inch one. That’s why ulefone Future will be good to watch and handle.

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Top Components for Top Performance

Helio P10 octa-core 64-bit chipset, with its 2GHz super high clock speed, will be a snappy engine to Ulefone Future, while the Mali-T860 GPU can deal with blockbuster games without sweating. 4GB RAM will ensure fast operation even if you have installed and opened many apps. And 32GB storage will save you from the burden of deleting old files. In a word, Ulefone Future will let you know what is real “fast”.

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Incredibly Free Gaming Exprience


16MP - A Step Closer to Reality

We always want to see true-to-life photos, while photos are composed of details. Samsung 3P3 camera, with 16 million pixels to make up a picture, will offer stunning sharpness details and you’ll be impressed by how authentically your photo has reflect the real world. Moreover, the dual-tone chroma flash will make objects well lighted and colored in different conditions.

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See True-to-life Photos


Everlasting Aspiration

for Craftsmanship

The metal unibody of Ulefone Future is actually got from a whole piece of aluminum titanium alloy by computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machine. It’s complicated technique but we enjoy the toil, just because cutting can preserve the natural texture of original metal which will deliver premium feel to both eyes and hands. And nano injection will make sure absolute smoothness on the surface ofthe body. That’s why you will like to touch and look at the Future.

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Right Here For Your Finger

The best fingerprint scanner should be placed where your finger can easily reach, and that’s what we have done with Ulefone Future. You can unlock your phone while you are picking it up from desk. Anytime you need the touch ID, just move your finger a little. It is real friendly technology, involving no extra steps.


Extra functions for Easy Use

Pop-up navigation bar, turbo download, permission management, scheduled power on&off, UI tuner, anti-theft, data protection, device administrator, credential storage, screen Pinning, screen Recorder.


Step to the World of Virtual Reality

It’s no news that we are entering the era of virtual reality while a device called Future must not have nothing to do with that. Packing gyroscope, Ulefone Future will work with VR devices to bring you magic experience.


LTE CAT6-As Fast As Insensible

Helip P10 is born for the CAT6 mobile network standard, supporting a downloading speed of 300Mbps at most. It will be a joy to browse the Web with Ulefone Future, because you don’t have to wait for the loading any more.


USB Type-C

The latest in charging and data transfer. Reversible and fumble-free.


Long Duration

& Fast Charge

Ulefone Future is powered by a 3000-3090mAh big battery, while long duration comes also from energy efficiency of the phone. The Future’s circuit board been specially designed to reduce the power loss in circulation to the lowest. And the operating system has also been optimized to minimize idle energy consumption. Moreover.


9V/2~3A Super Charger

100% in 1 Hour

Future will come with a 9V/2~3A super charger, which will fill up the battery in 60 minutes.


Enjoy the Marshmallow, Now!

As know to all, Android 6.0 will offer, prettier UI, more convenient search, higher permissions to manage your phone, enhanced protection, and more functions to make your phone more useful. On Ulefone future, you will be allowed to taste the purest marshmallow. What’s more Android 6.0 will improve energy efficiency by 30% and we promise you’ll feel that on the Future.

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