A Customized

Bezel-less Display

To provide users of Ulefone Future with limitless visual experience, we have adopted a deep customized bezel-less display, which belongs to the Future alone and to no other phones in the world. The display will best fit our designing language of borderless vision while offering exceptional visual joy.


5.5” In Vision, 5” in Grip

The FHD display of Ulefone Future measures 5.5-inch in size, but thanks to the bezel-less design, the face of the phone has been so minimized that you can have the single-hand experience supposed to come only from below-5-inch devices. Maximizing visual joy with no sacrifice in handiness, Ulefone Future represent an exalted state in the balance philosophy.


Accurate Response by

Sophisticated Algorithm

An apparent risk with bezel-less display is that it is too close to your flesh when you use your phone single-handed. Will Ulefone Future often react wrongly to your touch? We should say this is the least issue you need to worry about. We are of course aware of the hidden trouble and therefore have taken action. Adopting cutting-edge marginal interactive algorithm, Ulefone Future will have the most accurate response you have ever experienced. For Ulefone, nothing can justify itself at the expense of using experience.


Beautiful though Solid than Ever

Beautiful things always seem fragile and that’s why we need to offer them extra protection. Around bezel-less display, there is a metal unibody which has very solid structure for it is got from a whole piece of ingot by CNC cutting. And what’s covered on the display is the invulnerable Corning Gorilla 3 protective glass. They together can resist vast majority of percussive strength from hitting the ground. Thus the display will be as safe as not to worry you a bit.