All Screen
Fingerprint ID
Face Unlock
Dual Cameras
Android 8.1
1.5 Meters Water
1 Meter Concrete
1.2 Meters Drop
The Ulefone Armor X2 are born to compliment rugged lifestyles and survive tough challenges either on construction sites, farms or extreme outdoor environments. Certified to highest IP68 rating, it can handle 1.5 hours of immersion in 1.5 meters of water or 24 hours of submersion in 1 meter of concrete. Meanwhile, it can also withstand big drops up to 1.2 meters. It’s definitely your desirable companion that you can depend on even in the toughest situations.

Widely Used Scenarios

The IP68 dust-proof and waterproof protection grade along with shatter-resistant housing makes the Armor X2 the most versatile phone ever built. This also means extra wide usage scenarios and applications for people working in various industries including firemen,lumberjacks, mountaineers, swimming lovers, etc.

Waterproof Structure And Components

Insulate from the External Damages

The Armor X2 is carefully designed to achieve IP68 level dust-and-water resistance. With compact internal structure,and properly placed waterproof membrane, it’s perfectly sealed off, so no water or dust will get into the internal to cause any damage. And components exposed to the outside world have a high-density macro-molecule coating to make them waterproof.
USB Port

360° All-round Protection

Born to Be Tough

The Armor X2 is built strong to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. It sports a shock- resistant TPU housing with some parts in glass fiber, reinforced polycarbonate and metal,and Corning Gorilla Glass coated display which turns out to be incredibly rugged and durable. Additionally, the custom-made all-round protective design guarantees that even the most vulnerable parts are well protected.

-20°C - 60°C Working Temperature Range

Amalgamation of Ice and Fire

Aside from being highly waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof, the Armor X2 is also made to stand up to extreme temperatures. With a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, the Armor X2 can handle any outdoor environment when you're out in the desert or a high mountain range. It’s perfect for the outdoors or those with demanding jobs

Stunning 5.5-inch 18:9 Display

Amazed at Every Single Look

Coming with a fantastic 5.5-inch display, the rugged Ulefone Armor X2 brings along a stunning media experience. With resolution of 720x1440, the display delivers remarkably quality images with vivid colors and crisp details, ideal for  photos, movies and web browsing. Besides, the 18:9 aspect ratio makes the phone more manageable with one hand. Wake the screen and you’ll be all set to enjoy days’ worth of fun from the palm of your hand. 
18:9    Aspect Ratio

5.5”    Screen

HD+    720x1440 Pixels

Stronger MT6580 Processor

Get More Power to Do More

Your entire activities on a phone are linked with the processor present on board. The Ulefone Armor X2 packs packs a new MT6580 quad-core CPU that brings along a powerful and energy efficient user experience. Reaching clock speeds up to 1.3GHz, the processor along with 2GB of RAM lets you multitask, watch movies, and play demanding games without ever slowing down your phone. With 16GB of internal storage and an additional 128GB external memory support, the Armor X2 offers all the space needed for you to store all your pictures, media, and files.
1.3GHz CPU
SD Extend
*Notice: Because of incompatibility issues, some 128GB SD cards would fail to be detected.

Extra Strong 5500mAh Battery

Last Longer And Hold More Juice

The Ulefone Armor X2 that boasts a huge 5500mAh battery gives you roughly 20 hours of talk time or 250 hours of standby time on a single charge, allowing you to stay connected and keep working for longer. You can totally be worry-free even working in remote areas or being far away from electric power service.

Fast Charge




* Based on results from Ulefone labs. Accurate battery life depends on actual usage situation.

Exceptional HD Dual Camera

Capture Every Memorable Moment

The Armor X2 comes with an unrivaled 13MP+5MP dual lens rear camera and 8MP selfie snapper which allow you to shoot breathtaking photographs and HD videos. Whether it’s a birthday party, holiday or trip, not a single moment in your life will pass by uncaptured thanks to the Armor X2.
Dual Camera
F/2.0 Aperture
Bokeh Effects
Front Camera
Beauty Mode

Leading-edge Face Unlock

Face the Future

Advance in science and technology reshapes our lives. Thanks to the advanced Face recognition system, all you need is to wake the screen and look at it, then your phone will get automatically unlocked. Fast and hassle-free. Besides, the Face Unlock is incredibly accurate and secure, so there’s no need to try repeatedly before getting your phone unlocked or fear losing any data on your way.
Unlock Speed
Landmark Detection

Side-mounted Fingerprint ID

Reliable, Accurate And Fast

For traditionalists, there’s a fingerprint sensor on the side which adds security while not really changing a thing about the way you use your phone. And to ensure a better user experience, the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint scanner are significantly improved. As a reliable back-up security solution, the fingerprint identification system can be completely trusted.
Unlock Speed
IDs Enrollment

NFC-based Google Pay

Make Your Life Smarter

Forgot your card or in a rush? Worry about having your wallet stolen? These won’t annoy you any more with the NFC-enabled Armor X2. With Google Pay support, now you can make easy, fast and secure purchases in stores, in apps and online. Other than that, you can also enjoy conveniences like quick data transmission, electronic access identification, etc.
NFC Function
Google Pay

Dual SIM Dual Standby

Stay Connected Wherever You Go

With dual SIM support, the Armor X2 allows you to stay connected to two phone numbers simultaneously, which suits perfectly for those who often travel abroad or wish to separate their work and private life on one Android phone. With the rugged Armor X2 at your side, you can always stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues. 


Your Own Personal Guider

As a rugged phone, the Armor X2 is designed to work in fields, underwater and other outdoor environments. So the navigating system is essential. With GPS and GLONASS support, the Armor X2 serves as your personal guider which allows you to get to your destination safely without worrying about getting lost.

Advanced Audio Chipset & Loud Speaker

Elevate Your Music Listening Experience

As there's nothing better than music that leaves you with an otherworldly feeling, the Armor X2 is equipped with an advanced AW8736 audio chipset and high-quality loud speaker to produce a loud, but clear sound, allowing you to enjoy music the way you are meant to hear.

All-new Android 8.1 OreoTM

Smarter, Faster And Powerful

Still sit back and wait for Android 8.1 OreoTMto hit your phone? No more waiting around. The newest Android 8.1 OreoTM is now available for Ulefone Armor X2. The smarter, faster and powerful Android OreoTM raises the Android user experience to a whole new level, allowing you to better enjoy the companion of your phone.