Play Games without Interruption

Do Not Disturb Mode for Games

Android 9.0 enables you to play games without interruption. It will pop-up a floating windows for incoming calls, video calls when you are playing games, enables you to focus on the fierce battle, no more interruption.

Make Kids Use Phone Healthily

Teenager Mode

You can limit the usage time, mobile data and apps in teenager mode, no need to worry about kids indulging in the game, protecting their eyes.

Increase in Efficiency and Productivity

Split-Screen Function

Working with a split screen is perfect for multi-tasking and productivity purposes, it's way easier to work on a number of different tasks and get them all done quickly when you can see them side-by-side instead of dipping in and out of them.

Protect Your Privacy

App Lock

Set an password for the app you do not want others to see, well keep your personal privacy. No need to worry about privacy disclosure even you accidentally lose your phone.