Survive in Different Severe Environments

IP68/IP69K Protection Grade

Armor 7 brings IP68 protection grade with the best resistance to water, dust and falls. It can handle 30 minutes of immersion in 1.5 meters of water, 24 hours of submission in 1 meter of concrete and big drop up to 1.2 meters. IP69K protection grade enables Armor 7 to withstand the thermal steam wash test defined in EN 60529 and DIN 40050-9. It protects the phone against high water pressure of 100 bar (1450 psi) and high temperature of 80℃, preventing water ingress from all angles. Especially suitable for people working in special industries like relief workers, building workers, coal miners, etc.
Wide Usage Scenarios and Application for People Working in Various Industries

Play at Will

MIL-STD-810G Certification

Armor 7 also passes the strict MIL-STD-810G certification. It can survive from multiple tests of temperature & transport shocks, humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, shooting vibration etc. One more protection, one more safety guarantee.

A Good Helper for Your Adventure

Practical Outdoor Toolkit

As a high-end outdoor rugged phone, sufficient tools and sensors are essential. Armor 7 is backed with multiple professional sensors and abundant tools in box for assisting you. Whatever you need, you can find it all in the phone. With Armor 7 in hand, everything shall be smooth in your adventure.

Keep Track of Your Health

Heart Rate Sensor & Pedometer

The Armor 7 features a heart rate sensor, and together with a built-in app, it makes tracking your health and fitness goals a lot easier and more precise. You can also use the built-in pedometer to track your steps, convenient to calculate calories burned.

Waterproof, Dust-Proof & Drop-Resistant Structure

High Precision Inner Structure Design

Armor 7 adopts mature bi-injection molding process to guarantee both excellent waterproof performance and outstanding durability. The screen and the phone body are bonded by tailor-made waterproof glue, with the perfect sealing process, no water, dust or sand will get into the phone. And in the interior of the phone, all the parts are also sealed by tailor-made waterproof glue. The back cover is made of high quality composite material, flexible, and not easily broken. And it is different from any others due to the matte color, looks decent and upscale. All these endeavors ensure Armor 7 the excellent durability.

Strong and Solid Screen from Harm

High Hardness Glass

Not just scratch-proof, the screen with 7H hardness will make your phone virtually shatter-proof. And it will present you an outstanding optical performance and stunning images as well.

Fight with You against Water Immersion

Outstanding Waterproof Components

To charging port*, microphone, and speaker that must be exposed to air, we have added high-density macro-molecule coating to make themselves invulnerable to water. And the coating will not come off or volatilize for high stability in both chemical and physics performance. Having taken every detail into consideration we manage to make the Armor 7 waterproof from the inside out.

Custom Your Ideal Shortcut Key

Easy Key

The Easy Key on the left enables you to set it as a PTT (Push-to-talk) button, enjoy effective and economical communications without a hitch, making your Armor 7 an essential tool for outdoor activities. All you need is just to open the Zello, log in, and then you can stay in touch with others no matter where you are, without distance restriction. Or you can also optionally set the button quick access to video recording, flashlight, screenshot, underwater photography, SOS emergency call and many other apps can be run with a single press.

Convenient and Sensitive Operation

Gloves Pattern

The gloves mode allows you to work with the touch screen of your device while wearing the gloves. It not only supports all the touch-screen gloves in the market, also supports some normal cotton gloves within 1.5mm thickness and some leather gloves*. Everything becomes easier.

Funny Way to Take the Phone

Back Clip, Sling, Holder

Plus, considering for more portability, there is a hole for sling on the back, or you can add a back clip* or phone holder for your convenience. These accessories help you keep the phone with you properly and conveniently.