IP68 Dust & Water Proofing

Accompany You Through Storm

Backed by an international standard rating of IP68, Ulefone Armor 2 can survive from 1.5-meter depth in the water for an hour or 1-meter depth in concrete for 24 hours. Hence, no water, dust, or dirt will soak into the phone in daily life or on outdoor trips. For travelers who often encounter heavy rain, mud, and rivers, the impervious Ulefone Armor 2 would definitely be your best assistant.

How Did We Make the IP68 Possible?

Waterproof Structure & Materials & Processes

To achieve the IP68 dust and water proof standard, we have adopted professional and solid structure with the least junctions possible, which, moreover, are filled with waterproof adhesive tape and backed up with sealing rings. In dispensing process, special waterproof glue is employed for superior waterproof performance. As for inevitable gaps around the physical keys, we use waterproof film to fully fill them. Meanwhile, all essential junctions are strengthened and fixed by screws.

Best Waterproof Components

Exposed to Water, Proof against Water

To earpiece, microphone, and speaker that must be exposed to air, we have added high-density macro-molecule coating to make themselves invulnerable to water. And the coating will not come off or volatilize for high stability in both chemical and physics performance. Having taken every detail into consideration we manage to make the Armor 2 waterproof from the inside out.

Custom-made Rugged Design

360° All-round Protection

Being tough is the core of a rugged phone. To make the Armor 2 a true rugged device, we adopts the elaborately custom-made rugged design to provide an all-round protection. With raised design on the front and back and protective nubs that cover the four corners, the Armor 2 is able to withstand a variety of drops and falls. Free of dead corners, free of worries.
The raised protective design reduces the rate of broken display by    90%

Outstanding Dust- proof Performance

Excellent Sealability Guarantees Inner Purity

With special surface spraying and a high degree of seal processing, the dust-proof and waterproof protection degree of the Armor 2 reaches IP68. Superior sealability guarantees inner purity, effectively protecting the phone against dust, dirt and sand. So you can take the Armor 2 with you for worry-free operation on any adventure.

Highly Resistant to Pressure

It Shields Itself Well, No Need for Additional Safeguards

Aside from adopting sturdy structure, the housing of the Armor 2 is made of TPU, glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate material and metal, and the display is protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. Such a combination provides both high strength and perfect flexibility for the Armor 2, which, therefore, can withstand violent crash, rolling and torsion. No need for further safeguards, the Armor 2 can protect itself well.

Powerful Helio P25 2.6GHz CPU

Extremely Smoothness for Best Enjoyment

The latest octa-core chipset Helio P25 is composed of four 2.6GHz processing cores and four 1.6GHz cores. The 2.6GHz cluster can handle all heavy tasks like 60fps blockbuster games, while 1.6GHz cluster can deal with common tasks like call, Facebook, Whatsapp with extra-low power consumption. That’s why Ulefone Armor 2 will follow your heart whenever you need it on your adventure.

Whopping 6GB LPDDR4 RAM & 64GB ROM

The Larger, the Better

The whopping 6GB of RAM allows the Helio P25 processor to achieve its peak performance and handle all tasks effortlessly, making multitasking more easy-peasy. And meanwhile, you’re free from burdens of cleaning up the background, and can better save your energy for scenery that is worth on a busy trip. Besides, with 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB, you are allowed to pre-store numerous necessary apps and files before departing and store tons of photos and videos that you take on the road. With the Armor 2, you will have an enjoyable journey with a light pack.

Groundbreaking Front Fingerprint ID

Secure Your Personal Data Anywhere And Anytime

Fettered by current technologies, average rugged phones rarely sport front-facing fingerprint scanners. After several months of hard work, our engineers manage to make it work on the Armor 2. The front-facing fingerprint on the Armor 2 that is more in line with users’ habits allows you to unlock the device in less than 0.1s in a convenient and reliable way. Keep you privacy safe no matter where you are. And we also adopt glass on the surface of the scanner for comfortable touch, high sensitivity and excellent durability.

Faster And More Space-efficient

Cutting-edge H.265 Codec Standard

H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding, increases data compression ratio by up to 2 times as compared to H.264. And it also enables video to be compressed to a file that is about 39% to 44% smaller than the size of H.264-encoded video, while retaining the same visual quality. With smaller encoded files, it saves more space, therefore, it’s more conducive to data transmission, allowing you to enjoy high-definition videos anywhere.

27 Bands on 6 Types

Stay Connected around the Globe

The Ulefone Armor 2 supports incredibly extensive 27 frequency bands under 6 types, covering all major carriers in Asia, Europe and America. Besides, the Armor 2 is compatible with CAT6 technology for maximum download speed as high as 300Mbps, ensuring stable and fast internet connection when you are exploring around the globe.
Frequency Bands
LTE Bands
High-speed Network

Cutting-edge NFC Technology

A Step Closer to Smart Life

With advanced NFC technology supported, you can use the Armor 2 as a digital wallet for money transactions in a much safer and easier way. More than that NFC is also applicable to recharging metro card, electronic access, data exchange and transmission, etc, which makes your life much smarter.


Be You Guide for Global Tour

Thanks to the most powerful dual-satellite positioning system consistedof GPS and GLONASS, Ulefone Armor 2 can lead you rightly to your destination no matter where you are in the world. Besides, the optimal structure of Armor 2 guarantees that the antenna is perfectly exposed for enhanced signal reception.

Abundant And Friendly Shorcuts

Professional Instruments for Discoverers

One click for real-time conversations with teammates.

One click to start camera, another click to shoot.

Hold 5 seconds to make emergency calls or send message with GPS information to designated contacts.

Multiple Professional Sensors

A Better Assistant for Adventurers

To further meet the demanding requirements of users, we equip the Armor 2 with multiple professional sensors,like Barometer, compass, gyroscope and NFC for more worry-free journeys.

16MP+13MP Waterproof Cameras

Explore Magical Underwater World

For outdoor photography enthusiasts, the high-resolution 16MP back camera and 13MP selfie shooter create images with sharp details and vivid colors. And the large F2.0 aperture and dual flash ensure bright and clear pictures even in low light conditions. Meanwhile IP rating of 68 and the physical shutter allows you to freely take underwater shots.

SHARP® 5.0'' FHD Display

Sharper Images with More Pixels Per Inch

Average 5.5-inch displays has pixel density of 401 PPI, while the 5.0-inch FHD display on Ulefone Armor 2 offers astonishing 441 PPI, therefore it delivers more vivid images with vibrant colors. And the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with outstanding optical performance presents you more stunning images. Besides, the 5-inch Armor 2 fits perfectly in your hand for more comfortable grip and more convenient one-hand operation.

4700mAh Battery +Coulombmeter +Super Power Savery

Never Abandon You in the Wilderness

Ulefone Armor 2 packs a massive 4700mAh Li-polymer battery, which can easily last you two days for heavy usage. And specially equipped coulombmeter will enable the CPU to have smart management for battery output, increasing the energy efficiency by 40% in comparison with average phones. In the super power-saving mode, all functions will be disabled except calling, message and clock, while battery life will be extended by another 2 days. In any condition, you will have enough time to reach your next stop for a recharge.

Best PE+2.0 Fast Charge

Take A Break And then Move on

Owe to the advanced PE+2.0 9V/2A fast charge technology, the Armor 2 can be fully charged in just 120 minutes, without keeping you too long. So all you need is to sit down over coffee to catch your breath and then continue the journey with the refilled Armor 2.

Smart HiFi Audio

Let Pleasing Music Flow Around You

The rugged Ulefone Armor 2 is a music phone as well. The Armor 2 is equipped with powerful smart amplifier, large-sized speaker and unique sound cavity design which ensures both high volume and high fidelity. Besides, in combination with the advanced real acoustic technology, the sound you hear through whether the speaker or the earphone is clear, pure and powerful as it’s meant to be. With the Armor 2, you can always enjoy wonderful music on your road.

Best Extensions

Optimized Android 7.0 Nougat

Smooth, Energy-efficient, Convenient

Running the new generation of Android 7.0 Nougat, Ulefone Armor 2 will impress you with exceptional smoothness and stability. And aimed at the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, our engineers also meticulously optimized the software of power control to reduce unnecessary power consumption utmostly. Besides, we also add unique user interfaceand some user-friendly tweaks to the software for more delightful use.