Instructions of Be Pro 2

WARNING! Installation process will remove all the data from you device. Please, if you have an important data on your device, backup your files. To avoid complications and software instability during OTA update and update via PC, please, take out a memory card from your device.

Driver installation manual written for Windows 7 OS. If you experience some difficulties during the Driver Installation on the other OS, please, skip the Step 1, and instead follow the links listed below and follow the instructions:

Windows 10 Driver Installation Manual (Choose this one if you have Windows 10) -

Windows 8 Driver Installation Manual (Choose this one if you have Windows 8) -

Dissabling Driver Signature Inforcement (If required) -

The latest rom is in this package, therefore no need to download it from website.

Step 1: Driver Installation

1. Open Driver Auto Installer folder and Run Install.bat

2. Wait until program install the drivers.

You will see that screen if the drivers were installed successfully.

Step 2: Update (Flashing)

1. Open One Key Flashing(Be Pro 2) folder and Run SP_Facility_DL_Tool.exe

2. Turn off the phone, take out the battery, connect your phone to the PC via USB and press Scan button.

3. After N/A+COM(x) sign appear (look at the picture), disconnect your phone, press Star button and connect your phone again (Don't forget to put the battery back to your phone).

4. Wait until Flashing Utility update your phone.

Drive: Download             The latest ROM: Download
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