Step 1: Buy ulefone Be Touch until the end of the May (31.05.2015).

Step 2: Write a short text review (At least 200 words and with Be Touch Photos) of ulefone Be Touch and post it on any forum, blog or web-site.
OR make a video review (at least 2 minutes long) of Be Touch and post it on Youtube.

Step 3: Contact customer support of the retailer where you purchase the deice and provide them with Review Link and Order ID.

Step 4: Once they receive your review info, you will get $15 cash back for each phone (Note : Each customer will recieve 15$ for each phone he purchased in our store. Example: If you bought 3 Ulefone Be Touch you will receive 45$ back)

Step 5: Links to the best reviews will be published on our Facebook page. The Best reviewers will get extra free Gift.